Borehamwood - Supplementary School

Bosnian School Borehamwood
Day Centre
100 Aycliffe Rd
Borehamwood, WD6 4EJ

School is open every Saturday between 12:00 and 15:00 hours.

For additional information contact

  • Mr Ismet Balic - School Coordinator (07946 684265)
  • Mr Sabit Jakupovic Teacher (
  • Mrs Saliha Jakupovic Teacher (
  • Mr Fahro Omerovic president of BiHCAH (

School programme:
The school follows the national curriculum for Bosnian supplementary schools abroad issued by Department for Education, Culture and Sport BiH. The core subjects of educate is to educate children in cultural and social history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The subjects taught at the school are Bosnian language National history and geography Art and music.

School activates:
Optional subject: religious education Sport activities and school trips organising different school events such as art /photography exhibition Celebrating cultural festivals Participation in the annual festival of Bosnian cultural heritage for Bosnian supplementary school in the UK.

Methods of Teaching:
We have two classes of children divided in accordance to age/stage of development. Younger group (6-10 year old) older group (11-15 year old). We combine our programmed to suit all ages/ stages and individual needs.

Our Aim:

  • To help children learn more about their cultural background and heritage
  • To socialise with other members of the same community
  • To welcome people from other communities who like to learn more about our culture
  • To care for children's physical and emotional well-being bearing health and safety in mind
  • To try to reflect children's social , intellectual and cultural development
  • To try and organise our work in order to reflect equal opportunities for all including age, gender, culture, race and disabilities.