About BH community UK

From 1992 to 1997 the Refugee Centre had a branch called 'The Bosnia Project'. This project was set up with the support from the UK government.

It provided assistance specifically to people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who were at the time dispersed to 'Reception Centers' throughout the UK. In 1997 the 'Bosnian Project' ceased its work, leaving thousands of Bosnians in need of support in the process of integrating and settling into UK society. It was out of this need that the BH Community UK was born.

On estimate, there are about eight thousand Bosnians currently living in the UK. The first group came in 1992-93 under a program called 'Government 1000'. This program brought survivors of concentration camps. The second group were medical evacuees who were wounded or paralyzed during the war and came to the UK for medical treatment.

Finally there is a group of refugees who fled to the UK because their lives were in danger. Initially, all these people live in various refugee centers, then they received private/council housing in the same area as the refugee center; however after some time these people moved to other towns, for various reasons such as they knew people who live there, they wanted to further their education or find a better job etc - this is how, currently, majority of Bosnians who live in the UK, live in London.

After 1995 (i.e. after the end of the Bosnian war) people from Bosnia and Herzegovina continued to come to the UK, although in much smaller numbers and the main reason was socio/economic betterment.

Before the organisation was officially formed a survey was carried out to identify the needs of Bosnians in London. The results of the survey pointed to the necessity for a project that would provide assistance to those Bosnians who felt most disadvantaged, lacked the necessary skills such as English language and lacked an understanding of how to access different services.